Q: I can�t seem to log on to place bids. Who do I call?

A: The software firm that handles the online server is the contact you need.

You can reach them at 352-414-1947
Leave your phone number if you get a message. They call back in a few minutes.

Q: Why is the online bidding not completed until the last day or 2 before the auction starts?

A: The Online Bidding portion of our website is a constant changing & updating environment.
Our online lot listings are usually completed a day or two prior to auction day.

Scheduling and many late arrival of lots make it so that the final online update

cannot be completed until a day or two prior to the auction after the catalog has been finalized and typed.
Once the last items are placed up online for bidding our subscribers are then sent an email notice.


Q: My online bid was the same as the winning bid and it was sold to the floor. Why is that?

A: Online bids start no higher than our asking start price. eg: Ask is $20 and you put a max bid in for $50.
The bid would start at $20 if there were no floor bids that are higher.
The next bid is from the floor for $30 your bid is proxied by the server for you to $40�
floor bid comes in at $50 the bidding stops & lot sells to the floor for $50.
It�s the same as if you were at the auction in person and had a $50 limit in your mind but another bidder got to $50 before you.
Also the reverse holds true. If no one bid above that original $20 you would get it for that

amount even though your max was $50. If you want the bidding to start at your Max Bid you need to let us know day before the auction.


Q: I didn�t know the pickup times were different at an away sale and I can�t get there in time.

A: Unfortunately there are many factors that involve pickup times available. We always have a 1 or 2 day window.
It is posted but not everyone reads the terms or announcements posted.
In this case if you have not made arrangements ahead of time you will have to employ local movers.
Sometimes we have no control after the deadlines due to landlord restrictions or other rules/agreements we have to follow.


Q: During an away auction the office doesn�t answer the phones when I need a question answered about the auction?
A: The office is unable to answer questions about away auctions while they are underway.
If it is a question about the online bidding service you will need call online support at
352-414-1947. If they

don�t answer immediately please leave your number so they can call you back.


Q: Some items I would like to bid on have (No Shipping) posted but I would still need it shipped.

A: Shipping costs have escalated over the years and along with the cost to package or palletize inexpensive pieces just does not make it worth it.
It isn�t worth to bid on several breakable items or large framed items if they have little value and you need to have them shipped.
Small gas powered machines that have had fuel in them are not available due to the time to clean
it out prior to shipping and dispose of it is costly. eg: Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws, Generators etc.
Neon Signs are also not offered for shipping. (They take special packing to arrive safe and it would not be cost effective unless it is very valuable).
We can ship anything but remember that the more packaging required or special handling adds up.


Q: If the auction is absolute why can�t the bids start at $1?

A: Actually we could start bidding at $1 and know it�s a waste of time for everyone.
Starting bids are usually asked at below where we feel from experience that it will sell for at auction.
There are no secrets or insider deals. There are many bidders online and onsite so that any items of value would never sell or start at $1.
The stories of the government auctions selling $50,000 boats, cars and properties for $50 to $100 are rare and from days long ago before the Internet existed.


Q: Why are the lot numbers different for the vehicles from the onsite catalog?

A: This has to do with the software program. The vehicles are numbered the same except

the online lot number has a 1 added to it. This prevents a conflict in our program that the server tries to correct each time.


Q: Why are there so many items skipped in the online catalog?

A: Many times it�s a mixed lot, the item has a visible issue or known problem that would influence the
value a great deal and would need to be seen in person, or some items came in after the time available to post them.


Q: My bids don�t seem to reach you in time. I bid before the floor. Why is that?

A: The lots are moved through at a brisk pace. There are bidders onsite that bid quickly as the items come up.
We always try to get the Internet bids acknowledged first. When you hear or see that a floor bid got in before yours usually is
due to the bidder is standing near the auctioneer and he heard him or her first.
The computer bidding setup is normally 10ft to 30ft away from the auctioneer. Also there is a very slight delay in the sound.
Don't depend on the audio on when to place your bids.


In closing this info page it needs to be said. The auctioneer makes the final deciding factor on bids.
Every auction house around the country has their own rules as we also do on how the auction is run.